Be part of our ecosystem

Together with his team at Engenesis, Ashkan is building an entire ecosystem of people, resources, products and tools that supports transformation in the world from an individual to organisational level.

Development as a Coach or Consultant

If you are in the business of developing and nurturing human to human relationships for the benefit of supporting your clients to effectively fulfil their goals, many of our products and offerings in our ecosystem will significantly enhance what you do. You can learn more about becoming an Accredited Practitioner of the Being Profile with your clients, or attending our Thrive Coach Training Program.

Development as a Leader

If you’d like to lift the effectiveness of yourself or your team in an organisational environment, you can learn more about how the Being Profile® supports leadership development. If you’re looking to innovate or grow your business or organisation, you can learn more about our venture consulting at Engenesis Venture Services. .

Professional Growth

If you aspire to rise to leadership and authentically have your organisation fulfil its mission in the world, our ecosystem has multiple areas to support your growth. You can take your Being Profile® or join one of our Programs.

Personal Growth

If you have areas in your life that you’d like to see yourself transform in, you can take your Being Profile® or get in touch with our team to work one on one with a coach who has trained in the Being Framework™.

The Engenesis Ecosystem