The Emergence of Being

A tale of discovery and illumination.


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Why do I suddenly feel like an imposter? Like all my so-called successes are on the surface, and the person within, the real me, doesn’t know what he wants, doesn’t even know who the hell he is anymore, let alone where he’s heading!

The biggest shadow of all suddenly dawned on Yoren …
Am I the best I could ever be?

Have you ever experienced the unsettling sensation of feeling like an imposter, despite your veneer of success? Have you ever questioned the authenticity of your accomplishments and found yourself adrift, unsure of your true aspirations and lost in the exploration of who you really are? If you've ever grappled with these uncertainties, get ready to embark on a fascinating journey alongside Yoren, as he confronts the biggest shadow of all—the haunting question of whether he is truly living up to his fullest potential. Prepare to delve deep into the realms of reflection and discovery, as Yoren's story becomes a mirror for your own quest for authenticity and fulfillment.

Beyond the Façade: Yoren's Journey to Discover Fulfillment within an Illusory Life

Within the depths of Yoren Healy's seemingly brilliant life, lies a profound and relatable struggle—a battle with feelings of being lost and unfulfilled, despite the trappings of success. Yoren's story resonates with the universal human experience, reminding us that even amidst abundant material possessions, a high-flying executive career, financial stability, and a loving fiancé, a deep longing for something more can persist.

A Glimpse into a Philosophy and Framework Being Adopted Globally

BECOMING – The Emergence of Being follows Yoren as he embarks on a journey of exploration with the support of his coach. Along the way, you’ll discover the reasons behind his unfulfillment, from his upbringing and family heritage to his perception of societal expectations and how he relates to the world, others and himself. By following Yoren's captivating story, through both the light and shadow sides of himself, you'll experience a fresh perspective grounded in philosophy and shaped by Ashkan Tashvir's globally adopted framework that illuminates the reality beneath the facade of human beings and acknowledges that we are all capable of transformation.

Chapters in the book

A Word from the Author

Chapter 1 : A ‘Brilliant’ Life

Chapter 2 : Moments of Reception

Chapter 3 : The Seed is Sown

Chapter 4 : The Garden Walk

Chapter 5 : Testing the Water

Chapter 6 : The Shadows Revealed

Chapter 7 : A Glimmer of Hope

Chapter 8 : Resisting the Light

Chapter 9 : From the Roots Up

Chapter 10 : Transcending Beyond Self

Chapter 11 : A Drop in the Ocean

Chapter 12 : Daring to be Assertive

Chapter 13 : Metamorphosis

Chapter 14 : Crescendo

becoming book

Join Yoren’s profound journey as he unearths the hidden layers of his shadow to reveal the remarkable untapped potential that lies within.

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