Exposition of the Being Framework™, a radical paradigm that causes leadership through awareness, integrity and effectiveness.

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Why do some people accomplish deep and resounding success and prosperity in their lives while others do not?

What are the qualities that set them apart?

Prior to writing this book, Ashkan Tashvir spent more than a decade working with entrepreneurs, startups, leaders and investors to discover, through critical analysis, the human patterns and behaviours that determine success or failure. His research, lived experience and findings provided unique insights into why only a tiny percentage succeed. Contrary to popular belief, it is not due to a lack of capital, technology or the right techniques, systems and strategies; it’s because of who and how they are BEING, the underlying qualities that drive their behaviours and actions. He discovered that those who experience all-encompassing success and fulfilment in their endeavours embody a series of distinct qualities, which he calls Aspects of Being.


In his book, BEING, Ashkan walks you through these qualities, mapping out how and why each plays a critical role in an individual’s performance, effectiveness, influence and leadership. The book also explores the practical tools he designed: the Being Framework™, incorporating the Being Profile® assessment tool and Transformation Methodology™, which are used by professional coaches, executives and leaders throughout the world in their organisations and lives.


The Being Framework™ transcends far beyond today’s popular quick-fix recipes for success and positive thinking or affirmation approaches. Instead, it draws your attention to the extraordinary power of discovering and honing your well-polished qualities and casting light on your Being to reveal the ‘shadow’ or troubled parts of you, explaining how those can be transformed. In so doing, you will be empowered to take charge of your life and circumstances, leading to a life of thriving, high performance and achievement, as well as deep fulfilment and meaning for yourself and others. Fundamentally, this book focuses on how to BE so you can have whatever you care most about in life and make a meaningful contribution to humanity.


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